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Kells Tennis Club Singles Box Leagues




This tennis box league is set to re-start from the 9th of March 2023.
The aim of the league is to encourage regular competitive play and to help players expand their circle of hitting partners. It is particularly beneficial for new members.

Participants will be grouped together in boxes of four or five players of a similar standard with categories from beginners to experienced players.

The plan is to run this box league (pending numbers) during March and April.
With a view to running further leagues later on in the season.

Match Format:

Box league matches will be played as best of 3 sets. The first 2 sets will be regular sets with a standard 7 point tie break played if the score reaches 6 games all.
If the score is one all after 2 sets have been played, a championship tie break (first to 10 points, 2 points clear) should be played as a final set to decide the match.

Some players have expressed a wish to play a full set as the third set. They may do so, as long as they are both agreed, and make the decision before the start of the match, but the score for the set should be entered as 1-0 to the winner, to keep the scores the same as players who play the tie break. If both players are not agreed, the tie break must be played.

Promotion / Relegation:

To gain promotion a player must win the division or come second, and the 2 players who come last will drop a division. Position within the group is worked out using the criteria in the following order.

1 – Players in each division will be arranged in order of the number of matches they have won in the round.
2 – If 2 players finish with the same amount of wins, the higher position will go to the player who won the head to head match between those 2 players (if played).
3 – If 3 or more players have the same amount of wins, or if 2 players have tied but have not played each other, then the positions of these players will be decided by the most matches played. If this decides 1 or more of the players positions, but still leaves 2 players equal, the positions of those 2 players will go back to the head to head result.
4 – If there is still a tie, then the percentage of sets won out of total sets played in the round will be used.
5 – Finally the percentage of games won out of total games played in the round will be used.

When no matches have been played in a division, then no players will move up, and therefore no players will move down from the division above. If players will be moving up from the division below, then the players who will move down will be decided by looking back to their results in the previous round to establish the order in which they will be placed.

Players should play a minimum of two matches to be eligible for promotion, or to avoid relegation. If a player only plays one match, this may result in another player gaining a higher position over them. Playing no matches in a round may result in demotion to the next division below.

Occasionally adjustments to positions may be necessary due to players dropping out of the league, or new players entering. While players may be moved up a division due to these adjustments, every effort will be made to ensure that nobody is moved down. If a player is moved up in this way, it will normally be a player who has retained their place in the lower division who moves up, rather than one staying in the higher division when they have come in the bottom two.

To ensure that the players are put in the correct positions, it is essential that all players submit their results at the end of the round, giving details of the number of matches won, matches played, and the full scores of each match played. Without this information it is very difficult to ensure the correct players are promoted and relegated. Please ensure your results are given in as soon as possible after the end of the round.

Submitting results:

Your results should be sent in a text message to 086 317 5918 (Kells Tennis Club)

Please give the full scores of the matches if possible.

Other information:

This competition is free for members of the Kells Tennis Club, there are categories for beginners, intermediate and advanced. It is advised that members should book a court in advance for the match, please try to arrange these games outside of Monday and Thursday evening which are set aside for Social Tennis and Club Night.

Please feel free to share this with friends or family who may be interested in joining the Kells Tennis Club Singles Box League.

To enter the league please submit a form here: